Super Troopers 2 Movie Review

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The Broken Lizard comedy troupe returns for the first time since they produced 2012’s Freeloaders. And other than a standup special, this is their first starring film since 2009’s The Slammin’ Salmon. The troupe has been together for more than 20 years and put together not only the previously mentioned films but the original Super Troopers, Beerfest, and Club Dread.

Most of this troupe’s films were released during a time that I look back on fondly. Specializing in physical and gross-out humor, Broken Lizard hit their high point when I was at an age where that kind of comedy really spoke to me. As I have grown, I have mostly moved away from of the gross-out humor but the physical comedy still hits me pretty well.


The titular Super Troopers are played by the Broken Lizard group. Jay Chandrasekhar, Paul Soter, Steve Lemme, Erik Stolhanske, and Kevin Heffernan play troopers Arcot “Thorny” Ramathorn, Jeff Foster, MacIntyre “Mac” Womack, Robert “Rabbit” Roto, and Rodney “Rod” Farva, respectively. They are lead by veteran actor Brian Cox as Captain John O’Hagen. Besides the Vermont State troopers that return from the original film, we have Marisa Coughlan return as Spurbury Police Chief Ursula Hanson, Lynda Carter as Vermont Governor Jessman, and Jim Gaffigan returns to continue a joke he was a part of in the first film.

There are numerous additions to the cast in this new film. The biggest of which is Rob Lowe as Guy Le Franc, the mayor of St. Georges de Laurent, Quebec, and a former hockey player. And Emmanuelle Chriqui plays Genevieve Aubois, a cultural attaché that focuses on relations with the U.S. While in Canada, they also have run-ins with Mounties Bellefuille, Archambault, and Podien, played by Tyler Labine, Will Sasso, and Hayes MacArthur, respectively.

There are also some new cameos in Super Troopers 2. Damon Wayans Jr. and Seann William Scott play Troopers Wagneras and Callaghan. Paul Walter Hauser plays Lonnie Laloush and Fred Savage plays himself at other points in the movie.



The original Super Troopers is often considered a cult comedy hit based on its box office return and its home video sales. Normally, when a movie is cheap to make and earns almost 800% of its budget in box office receipts, the movie gets a sequel. Super Troopers did not get its sequel right away and Broken Lizard went on to do other films. After finally getting a deal to distribute the film, Broken Lizard had to come up with the production budget.

They set a goal of $2 million, and in March 2015, started an Indigogo campaign. Within the campaign there where multiple incentives for large contributions, including a producer or director credit, a speaking part in the film, or spending time with the cast. They all of sold out within 12 hours, and within 14 hours of starting the campaign, they hit 73% of their goal. And they reached the total goal within 26 hours. When all was said and done, they raised $4.7 million for the film using crowdfunding.

After finding some private funding, and with tax rebates, the total budget would be around $13.5 million. in Super Troopers 2 would open to a $15 million opening weekend and go on to earn $29 million within one month. All numbers were higher than expected, making this crowdfunding campaign one of the most successful crowdfunded movie campaigns.

Final Thoughts

Once again, Brian Cox puts in a fabulous performance as Captain O’Hagen and continues to bring a realism to the role that I enjoyed. I will admit, though, that the Canadian stereotypes were overplayed. Some of the Canadian characters accents also felt way too over the top, even with half of those actors being Canadian themselves.

Overall, the film didn’t feel like it was that different from the first. It just put the same characters in a new situation and they haven’t evolved much further than where we left them in Super Troopers. With that said, the film did make me laugh and I enjoyed most of my time with this movie. Like the first, I cannot recommend this movie to younger audiences with its adult language, nudity, and drug references. Though, if you are a fan of the first or of raunchy comedies, this is a movie that I would recommend to you.

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