The Opposite Sex Movie Review

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Comedies, especially romantic comedies, can be either hit or miss. They need to be able to make you laugh but, at the same time, they need a story that makes you want to root for the main character.

The Opposite Sex is a 2014 romantic comedy about a divorce attorney who is a frat boy at heart. He is shown at the start of the film as a womanizer and a very stubborn man. Deep down, at this point in his life, he does not want to grow up.

Recognizable Faces

There are a few people in this film that I actually recognized. Mena Suvari, Debra Jo Rupp, and Kenan Thompson are the most prominent and the ones who give the best performances. Thompson’s supporting role as “one of the boys” is a good place for him to put in some of the comedy that he is known for. There was also a surprise cameo by Joey Fatone as a creepy delivery guy that he excelled at.

Geoff Stults is starting to become a recognizable face and you can see why. He plays the main character, Vince, and even though Vince is not that great of a person, he has chemistry with everyone he is shown on screen with. From the guy talk, you can see Vince’s chemistry with the male cast. And every time he’s onscreen with Mena Suvari, you can see the chemistry between the two.

The Downsides

Even with the solid acting from the cast, there is little that they are given. The dialog they have to work with is hard to follow, and the main character is difficult to like as a person. Instead of trying to get a lady to date him, he decides the best thing do is to try and get her to lose bets to spend time with her.

The only touching moment in the movie is destroyed before it even begins. The scene in question is right after Vince is drugged at a bar and spends the rest of the night high. Vince is a character that is difficult to get behind as he just comes off as a childish womanizer.

Final Thoughts

There are a few highlights from the film for me. The guy talk actually made me laugh a few times, and Kenan Thompson’s performance shows what he really can do. Mena Suvari also put in a performance that I haven’t seen out of her since the first American Pie film.

This is definitely a raunchy comedy that features plenty of drinking and drugs. It also has its fair share of vulgar language, sexual situations, and nudity. While that is not necessarily a bad thing, this movie makes sure that the adult humor is front and center — making it not for anyone under 18.

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