Incredibles 2 Movie Review

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Sometimes there are good movies that make a lot of money that ends up getting a sequel pushed out quickly that fails. And then some movies take a long time to get a sequel and it can be argued that the sequel is better than the original. Incredibles 2 is one of those films that is arguably better than the first.

If we look at the critics’ score over at Rotten Tomatoes, The Incredibles has a score of 97% and Incredibles 2 has a 94%. This makes the argument because they are so close to each other based on critic reviews, and either one could be the better of the two.

Incredibles 2 released 14 years after the first, and the creators of the film were aware how much the general public wanted a sequel to the point that they put a short intro into the new movie apologizing for the wait.

Incredibles 2 would make $182 Million opening weekend, making it the largest domestic opening weekend for an animated film. This alone shows the excitement that the general public had for this movie, even after how long it has been since the release of the original movie.

New Cast

Most of the original cast return to reprise their roles, though there are a handful of new characters. These new characters not only expand the cast but also the world itself. The biggest name to come on to Incredibles 2 is Bob Odenkirk.

Playing Winston Deavor, Odenkirk is a superhero fan that leads a telecommunications company alongside his sister Evelyn. She is a technological genius in her own right, and is played by Cathrine Keener. It is through their company that they attempt to bring superheroes back into the spotlight by revamping the public’s perception of them.

The other new characters in this film are from a group of superheroes that the Deavor’s bring in from around the world. These superheroes include Elastigirl super-fan Voyd, played by Sophia Bush, who can create voids that allow for quick teleportation; Reflux, played by Paul Eiding, who spews hot lava from his mouth; and Krushauer and Helectrix, both voiced by Phil LaMarr. Krushauer can use telekinesis to move things around and enjoys to crush things. Helectrix can control and project electrical currents.


Story Progression

I will admit that when I saw the ad campaign, I was worried for Incredibles 2. To me it looked like the story would be a rehash of The Incredibles but with the focus being on Elastagril instead of Mr. Incredible. I must admit that after seeing the film, I cannot be happier that I was wrong.

Incredibles 2 feels like there is story progression instead of a rehash. Rather than Elastagirl going through a midlife crisis, like Mr. Incredible did in the original film, she is out trying to change the hearts and minds of people to make the world better for her kids. In the meantime, Mr. Incredible tries to be a stay at home dad.

Not only do the parents have problems, the children have some of their own as well. Dash has issues with school, and Violet is having boy trouble. Both of these tie in tightly with their dad’s story but feel different enough that it adds to the film.

The story that does stand out most is the one of Jack-Jack. The baby of the family, the Parr’s have no idea what his superpowers are, let alone if he has them at all. It was this story line that not only brought in my favorite character from the first, Edna Mode, but gave me the most laughs.

Final Thoughts

Incredibles 2 is a film that has an incredible art direction with a setting that feels old yet futuristic. It stuck out to me as looking fantastic. The only real downside that I have with the film is that I figured out who the villain was from the marketing, though I will admit I could not have guessed what the overall plan or motivation was.

Incredibles 2 is a family film that has something for everyone. With story lines that connect to adults and children of all ages, there are action and comedic moments in spades. It’s a great story that feels like a continuation of The Incredibles and not just a rehash.

A film that I recommend for the whole family, Incredibles 2 is so enjoyable that the problem I have with figuring out who the villain was from marketing is more a nitpick than a genuine issue.

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