Forgetting Sarah Marshall Throwback Movie Review

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When going through a breakup, one of the worst things is to constantly see that person. Forgetting Sarah Marshall takes this idea and puts a comedic spin on it. After being dumped by Sarah Marshall, Peter Bretter decides to take a vacation to Hawaii. And surprise surprise, he ends up at the same resort as her.

Jason Segel was able to craft a story that takes heartbreak and turns it into laughs. Director Nicholas Stoller allowed the cast to improve on set and it shows. The cast look like they’re having fun and enjoying each others company. The chemistry the cast has makes the relationships believable, but it also makes them fun.

Beautiful Setting

With most of the film set at a Hawaiian resort and shot around the same state, Forgetting Sarah Marshall has beautiful natural views. From the sunset to the ocean, we get these background vistas that bring forward how beautiful a place Hawaii is. Melding the beauty in the plot felt like the right choice. Using beautiful dinner placement for situational comedy or an ocean cliff face that turned into physical comedy.

Not every setting was purely outside. A handful of bars and other rooms were also present that showed off the beauty of a Hawaiian vacation. Each set uses some tropic theme that puts you in the right location to feel the emotion that Peter is experiencing.


The film’s writer Jason Segel plays Peter Bretter. At the start of the film, he is the composer on his girlfriend’s TV show. Peter’s girlfriend is the titular Sarah Marshall played by Kristen Bell, a famous TV actress. She ends up leaving Peter to be with Aldous Snow, the Lead singer of Infant Sorrow played by Russell Brand.

Before going to Hawaii, Peter does try to get over Sarah by going out with his brother Biran who’s is played by Bill Hader. While still in LA, Brian continuously mentions his wife, Liz, as an example of a good relationship. Liz is seen later in the film, played by Liz Cackowski.

Once Peter makes it to Hawaii, he meets Rachel Jansen who is played by Mila Kunis. Rachel is the receptionist at the Hawaiian resort where Peter, Sarah, and Aldous stay. Also working at the hotel are Dwayne, Kimo, and Matthew, played by Da’Vone McDonald, Teila Tuli, and Jonah Hill respectively.

There are a handful of characters that Peter sees more often than others. One couple on their honeymoon, Darald and Wyoma Braden, played by Jack McBrayer and Maria Thayer, are having some issues connecting in the bedroom. The last person I want to mention is the surfing instructor Chuck. Played by Paul Rudd, Chuck calls himself Kunu and tends to steal almost all of his scenes.

Final Thoughts

Forgetting Sarah Marshall is without a doubt an R rated comedy. It does run a little long with a run time of 118 minutes, though you don’t always feel it. While a few of the scenes could probably have been removed to keep the pace moving, they worked well in the film for laughs.

With drug references, sexual innuendo, and full frontal nudity, this is not a film for younger audiences. Adults will connect with it, though, as almost everyone can connect with a bad breakup. And those who can’t know someone who has been through one. For that reason, I recommend it for adults who can relate to a bad break up.

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