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Thor Throwback Movie Review

When I was younger, I enjoyed classic mythology. Greek, Roman, Egyptian, or Norse it didn’t matter to me. The stories I read interested me. It was years before I realized that Marvel took some of those stories and created characters in their comic universe. When Thor was released in 2011, I was invested in the Marvel …

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Iron Man 2 Throwback Movie Review

At the beginning of the MCU, connectivity was all though easter eggs and small cameos. It wasn’t until Iron Man 2 that we start to see the world expand through WHiH footage from the Incredible Hulk to a board showing places of interest in this world. Iron Man 2 has returning stars Robert Downy Jr and Gwyneth Paltrow, …

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The Opposite Sex Movie Review

Comedies, especially romantic comedies, can be either hit or miss. They need to be able to make you laugh but, at the same time, they need a story that makes you want to root for the main character. The Opposite Sex is a 2014 romantic comedy about a divorce attorney who is a frat boy at heart. …

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Wonder Woman Movie Review

How many movies dive into World War I as a backdrop? Not many that I can think of. But there is one that does: Wonder Woman. There isn’t a specific battle or theater of World War I that is shown, but it brings the feeling of this being the worst war that the world has …

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