Batman and Harley Quinn Movie Review

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When I was younger I can remember watching Batman: The Animated Series and enjoying the tone and style that it brought to screen.

Batman and Harley Quinn use a similar art style to Batman: The Animated Series.  Bruce Timm, one of the men who created not only Batman: The Animated Series but also Harley Quinn, wrote both the story and the screenplay for this film.

The Story

The story sees Poison Ivy team up with Floranic Man in an attempt to turn the human population into plant-animal hybrids just like Swamp Thing.

In an attempt to find Ivy, Batman sends Nightwing to find Harley Quinn, who is out on parole and trying to live a normal life.

Children’s Movie?

Rated PG-13, this film has a few things within it that you would not expect to see in a children’s movie. There is one scene where we find Harley as a waitress in a Hooters-esque restaurant based on superheroes.

I was also surprised to see how many sexualized jokes there were in this film, be it Ivy and Harley punching each other in the chest during their fight or the implied sex scene between Nightwing and Harley.

There was also a nice throwback to Adam West’s Batman with pop up action texts, though the last one was definitely not for children.


While this film is not meant for a younger audience, there are some stand out moments. One of the moments that I enjoyed most was a scene in a henchmen bar that ended with Batman tapping along with a song, then taking off his belt and fighting a large group.

The theme of the story is one of environmental protection.  Floronic Man and Poison Ivy’s only goal is to protect the planet by taking out the biggest cause of its destruction – humans.

Final Thoughts

A film for older audiences isn’t a bad thing. The downside is not knowing that before going in that this film isn’t for younger audiences. With sexual innuendos aplenty, there is a deeper story about saving our planet.

The classic art style is one that brings up nostalgia. Along with a classic voice cast, it does harken back to my childhood. Not something that I would recommend for younger children, though I do recommend this to the older audiences that loved Batman: The Animated Series.

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