Avengers: Infinity War Movie Review

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Here we are, almost exactly 10 years to the day after the release of Marvel’s original Iron Man, witnessing the newest installment of the series — Avengers: Infinity War. When the first Avengers was released in 2012, it brought together the previous four Marvel Studio franchises into a single film and now, 6 years later, Avengers: Infinity War is continuing that trend by adding the five franchises that have been added since.

These franchises, totaling nine altogether, are: Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Guardians of the Galaxy, Ant-Man, Doctor Strange, Spider-Man, and Black Panther. Together, they combine for a total of 18 films over the past decade. The stories span not only across earth and throughout the galaxy, but they cross over and into the entire cinematic multiverse as we know it. But with so many franchises, how will all they all come together? And, most importantly, will it make sense?

Character Interactions

When there are so many franchises coming together like this, you have to be careful to treat each one with respect while also keeping them true to what makes them unique. Directors Joe and Anthony Russo were able to bring all these groups together while still allowing us to experience each character’s familiar style like we have in the past.

The Guardians feel like the Guardians, while the Avengers feel like the Avengers. And the combinations of the two teams together feels fresh and invigorating. With so many characters, not everyone has a huge part in the story. Not to worry — every character does get at least one moment to truly shine.

Thanos, played by Josh Brolin, gets the most time in the spotlight. Putting him in the forefront allows him to become one of, if not the absolute best villain the MCU has ever had. As his character unfolds, you understand why he is doing what he does and truly see that he believes his quest is not only justified but necessary. While he has interactions with almost every character, it’s his interactions with Zoe Saldana’s Gamora and Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark that carry the most weight within this universe.

Music & Effects

If there is one thing that pulls you into a story the most, it’s the music. Alan Silvestri’s score hits all the notes that push your emotions beyond what you think is possible for a comic book movie. Throughout the film, you’ll notice each character has a piece of music that fits them and helps to tie it all together.

Even the Guardian’s signature use of classic pop music fits in its context. Using The Spinners “The Rubberband Man” as the backdrop to the Guardians introduction is a great way to not only introduce them but to show just how far the Guardians of the Galaxy have come since meeting each other.

The spectacle and scope of this film would not have worked if the CGI wasn’t as amazing as it is. Thanos and his children, while clearly CGI characters, are done so well that you forget this fact. Instead, you’re drawn into them and care more about how they interact and who they are than how they look.

But it’s not just the characters, it’s also the sets. Seeing Wakanda again, with its technological advancements, was a site that still fills me with awe. When you see not only Wakanda but the locations outside of earth and the things that Thanos can do, you can see just how ambitious this film is from a technical standpoint.

Final Thoughts

Avengers: Infinity War was an event for my family and me. With various experiences within the MCU, each of us found different things to like and had different things that we didn’t like. We did agree, though, that the film does end up feeling a bit long even if it was always engaging and drew us in.

And, with so many characters within it, there is little room to introduce them to the audience. If you don’t have at least a passing knowledge of the characters, you will get lost pretty quickly. With time, you may be able to get whats going on but the more you know, the harder this movie hits you.

Overall this movie is extremely ambitious, bringing together 10 years of story lines and characters. The strength of this movie comes from the character relationships and interactions. But that doesn’t take away from the action. Mixed within the character development, there are these fight scenes that are massive and set a serious tone with high stakes. Seeing all of the MCU films up to this point has definitely allowed me to enjoy this film to the highest extent, and it will you, too. I do recommend this film to everyone who has seen past MCU films but I also think that fans of the action genre as whole will find things they enjoy.

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